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Amoeba’s Lorica: Instant Classic

Meanwhile – because of the way We the People (including Your Friendly Neighborhood Amoeba) spend our time and money, economists are seriously arguing whether it is worth society’s while to educate any of its children except the scions of the … Continue reading

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Amoeba’s Lorica: Patter

So, Your Friendly Neighborhood Amoeba has been asked to provide half an hour’s worth of entertainment during a fundraiser for the local chapter of the Visitor Aloha Society of Hawai‘i – Good Samaritans, island style. YFNA reckons that half an … Continue reading

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Dude and Dude: Surf Breakin’

“Yo. Dude.” “Yeah?” “What’s, like, this roarin’ sound? We got, like, tha whole Air Force circlin’ tha island tanight?” “It’s tha surf, dude.” “That loud?!? Not cool, dude. It’ll break!” “Duh …” “No duh, dude! If’n ya c’n hear tha … Continue reading

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