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The Fast Thing

“Dude! What the hell are you doin’!?!” “What’s it look like, dude?” “Like trouble, dude, if’n y’d slow down long enough so’s I could see it. So like I said, what the …?” “I’m eatin’ an’ runnin’, dude, if you … Continue reading

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The Gift (Quilldancing #1)

As many of you know, Quilly kicked off the New Year (2011) with a new writing feature. The idea is that, on the first of every month, Quilly posts a prompt, and those who accept the challenge respond to it … Continue reading

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Dude and Dude Help With Quilly's Stats

“So we’re supposed to talk about the Quillster, dude?” “Yeah, dude.” “So she’ll get more readers?” “That’s the idea.” “So what’s she been doin’ lately?” “Sellin’ stuff, dude. Where’ve you been?” “Like, what?” “Like, cosmetics.” “They have ticks in space?!?” … Continue reading

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