He and She

He and She: two ‘Merican kids doin’ the best they can, John. New to Dude and Dude since 2015 (except for a guest appearance with the Dudes in 2013), but they’ve been virtually misunderstanding each other since 2007.


Bedtime Story (20 April 2009)

Do the Wheels Go Round For Squares? (with Dude and Dude) (6 September 2013)

Edginess (31 December 2012)

He Said, She Said (with Dude and Dude) (27 August 2007)

Ironing Things Out (7 October 2015)

Ladybug’s Got the Blues – Even In Hawai‘i (12 July 2008)

Road Worriers (5 September 2008)

Road Worriers II (7 July 2015)

Running a Racket (26 March 2017)

This Little Figgy … (14 August 2016)

You Know You Need A Vacay When … (20 December 2017)

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