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Starship Train: Cop-it-ulation

Science Officer Srock: “Fascinating.” Ship’s Physician Bonehead: “You can say that again.” Srock: “Very well, Doctor. Fasc …” Bonehead, Captain Kirkland: “STOP!!” Bonehead: “Must you always be so literal?” Srock: “Surely, by now, Doctor, you understand that mine is not … Continue reading

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Starship Train: Emocracy

“Computer.” “Yes, Captain?” “Tea. Long Island. And don’t skimp.” “That will max out your grog ration for this stardate.” “Yes, mother. As if I didn’t know you’d report me to Starfleet if I tried to sneak more. As if I … Continue reading

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Starship Train: Six Stardates Shall You Labor

“Computer!” “Yes, Captain?” “Status report, ship’s complement. Verbal synopsis.” “98.7% of predicted efficiency, Captain. Negative deviation from norm due to a single crewmember, a yeoman in Engineering, whose productivity measures dipped over the past several stardates for reasons that could … Continue reading

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