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Amoeba’s Lorica: Joseph’s Dream (Recalculated For This Meridian)

Apparently, in the desperate search of the Christian churches to find something, anything new to say about the canonical tropes of the Advent season, it has occurred to somebody in the homiletics business to have peeps behind pulpits recount the … Continue reading

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Amoeba’s Lorica: Bleater’s Bane (A Fable)

If you spend long enough traveling the disappearing backroads of central Florida, the tale of Bleater’s Bane will come to your ears in tortured snippets, like the whine of a mosquito in some far corner of the bedroom on a … Continue reading

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Dude and Dude: The Area Code of the Beast

“Yo, dude, didya hear?” “Hear what, dude?” “Washington DC’s gettin’ a new area code!” “I don’ think so, dude. DC’s like ta need fewa area codes, as peeps, like, leave it afore tha place gets nuked ‘r somethin’.” “It’s a … Continue reading

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