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Amoeba’s Lorica: Meet the New Heart, Same As the Old Heart

At the church that Your Friendly Neighborhood Amoeba attends (“But, but …” Shhh! Another time, yeah?), the theme for the Sunday service (8 April 2018) is conveyed by a single verse out of the Christian Bible. In which “the priest/prophet … Continue reading

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Kris an’ Murphy: Grace

Kris: “Hmph. I don’t see what the mystery is here.” Murphy: “Right. You have grasped something about women that the world’s most famous and transcendent physicist couldn’t manage?” Kris: “Not that Grace! And even if I thought I did have … Continue reading

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Screwtape The Third: The Hall of Crusades

“Owww!!! Bless your ass, Wormsap!!” “Y-y-y-y-yessir, Master Screwtape?” “What in pluperfect [ptui!] heaven are all these soapboxes lying around here for?!?” “T-t-t-they’re e-e-essential materials, sir!” “For what?” “For the new Hall of Crusades the construction demons are building. In honor … Continue reading

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