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Dude and Dude: Imagine …

“Happy New Year, dude!” “Meh. Ask me ‘gain inna couple hours, dude.” “‘Smatta, dude? Too many shots?“ “Didya see me on tha floor las’ night? I’m tuffa than tequila or firecrackers. But …” “Whose butt?” “Careful where ya’s goin’ wit’ that, Buttinski. Ya might not … Continue reading

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Amoeba’s Lorica: The Fight Before Christmas

With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore It was the fight before Christmas. In the Senate and House, No creature was stirring. Not even a louse, For the lobbyists all hung their heads by the stairs: Not an aide, not a page, nobody was there. The … Continue reading

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He and She: Sealed

He: “I really don’t understand how these people stay in business.” She: “Which people?” He: “The ones giving away all this free stuff in their products. Shouldn’t they be charging for it?” She: [Sigh] Sweetheart, haven’t we been through all … Continue reading

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